St Albans Investment Group

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Welcome to the St Albans Investment Group!

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, the St Albans Investment Group (SAIG) is a share investment group of friends and colleagues that invests in high quality growth businesses listed on the New Zealand and Australian Stock Exchanges.

SAIG meets once a month to discuss and debate New Zealand businesses, pledge funds and vote on share purchases. Only shares subjected to our rigorous SAIG methodology are purchased and held by the share group.

SAIG takes a long term perspective and has a multi-decade timeframe, and is not an active share trader.

Feel free to have a look around our website for more information on our investment philosophy. Most information is restricted to members only however, as this web site is primarily used by share group members to access minutes, holdings and company analysis documentation.

SAIG started accepting additional members in April 2009.


The SAIG Trustees.

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